• Arbutus Centre Housing Project

Arbutus Centre Housing Community

Location: 4105 Arbutus Street
Neighbourhood: Arbutus Village
City: Vancouver, BC

Total # of units: 125
Status: Under Construction – Early 2020

Arbutus Centre Housing Community on Vancouver’s west side will add 125 new units of affordable homes for residents on lower and moderate incomes who wish to continue to live close to their communities, workplaces and support networks.


Want to live here and be part of this community?

We offer housing to families with specific needs and different household situations. Please see ‘who is this housing for’ section below and contact one of the three partners.


Project and partnership

The City of Vancouver selected YWCA Metro Vancouver to operate the 125 housing units through an innovative partnership between Association of Neighbourhood Houses of BC (ANHBC), Tikva Housing Society (Tikva) and the YWCA. Together, we bring strong neighbourhood connections and experience in serving the needs of a diverse range of individuals and households in Vancouver.

The building will offer residents indoor and outdoor community spaces, such as a rooftop terrace, a garden and a child-friendly area with a playground. One level of the building will be used for commercial space, including a Safeway store. It is being constructed by Larco Investments.

YWCA Metro Vancouver will provide 32 suites for single mothers and their children with low and moderate incomes.

Tikva Housing Society will operate 37 studio and one-bedroom suites primarily for Jewish low-income singles and couples. This includes 10 studio units for individuals transitioning from supportive housing to independence.

The Association of Neighbourhood Houses of BC will offer 56 suites providing affordable rental housing for members of the community, particularly seniors and families on low and moderate incomes.  


Additional supports available for residents

YWCA housing residents will receive on-site support from a Community Development worker, as well as access to other YWCA programs, such as employment programs, single mothers’ support groups, mentorship, legal education, violence prevention services and youth education programs.

Tikva housing residents will benefit from Tikva’s partnership with Jewish Family Services, who will provide the support of their Tenant Community Liaison. This individual works with Tikva’s tenants to assist them with life skills, conflict resolution, connections to cultural events, and referrals to social supports.

ANHBC housing residents will have access to a support worker to connect them to community through volunteering opportunities, program involvement and other opportunities to ensure residents to have strong healthy involvement with one another.


Project timeline

  • September 2019: Project announcement
  • Spring 2020: Applications open
  • Early 2021: Completion
  • Early 2021: Grand opening ceremony & move-in


Who is this housing for?

YWCA: YWCA housing units will be offered to single mothers and their children who are residents of Vancouver and who have low and moderate incomes. The breakdown of the 32 units is as follows:

  • 25 two-bedroom units
  • 7 three-bedroom units

Tikva: Tikva housing units will be offered to singles and couples. Preference for 27 of the units is given to members of the Jewish community. Ten units will be offered to individuals in the Supporting Tenants, Enabling Pathways (STEP) program. The breakdown of the 37 units is as follows:

  • 18 studio units
  • 19 one-bedroom units

ANHBC: ANHBC housing units will be offered to seniors, families, couples and individuals. While optional, ANHBC will especially be keen for residents who have an interest to be part of an active community. The breakdown of the 56 units is as follows:

  • 40 one-bedroom units
  • 13 two-bedroom units
  • 3 three-bedroom units

To be eligible for all YWCA and TIKVA Rent-Geared-to-Income housing and Predetermined Rent, residents must submit financial documents annually and the income limit of your family must not exceed the Housing Income Limits.

The 2019 limits are:

Number of bedroom

Maximum income per year

Studio/ One bedroom


Two bedrooms


Three bedrooms


ANHBC will provide low-end-of-market housing, which is a type of housing where the housing provider calculates a reduced rent according to rental market conditions. Rents should not exceed 90% of appraised market rent for the area and 30% of BC Housing Low and Moderate Income Limits.

In 2019, the income limit of your family must not exceed:

Number of bedroom

Maximum income per year

One bedroom


Two/three bedrooms


Note that unit allocations will be made based on the number of cohabitating applicants. Residents will be subject to annual rent reviews in line with Residential Tenancy Regulations.


Circumstances for moving out

  • For YWCA residents, women move out when their income is above the maximum amount set by HILs or if their family size changes, and there are no longer enough occupants to meet national occupancy standards for their unit.

    Another move out point for families is when their child(ren) are no longer dependants (when the child turns 19, or turns 24 if attending post-secondary education).

    National occupancy standards specify one bedroom per:
    • each lone parent
    • unattached household member 18 years of age and over
    • same-sex pair of children under age 18
    • and additional boy or girl in the family, unless there are two opposite sex children under five-years of age, in which case they may share a bedroom.
  • TIKVA tenants will provide annual income verification and may be given notice to end their tenancy if residents’ incomes exceed HILS levels. National occupancy standards also apply to these units, and it is intended that they are to be occupied by singles or couples only.
  • For ANHBC’s units, Residential Tenancy Regulations apply.


How to apply for housing?

YWCA will be accepting applications online through the YWCA website in Spring 2020, closer to project completion. For more information, email propertyservicesassistant@ywcavan.org or call 604 282 3113.

Applications for Tikva units should be directed by email to info@tikvahousing.org or phone 778 998 4582. Those on the waiting list will be contacted 3 to 6 months before occupancy to complete full application forms.

Waitlist enquiries are being accepted now for ANHBC units. Visit asknh.org or ANHBC.org. Applications will be taken approximately three months prior to opening. It is recommended you add your name to the waitlist. ANHBC will keep in touch with those on the waitlist. For question about ANHBC’s housing community, email housing@asknh.org or call Kitsilano Neighbourhood house at 604 736 3588.